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Synergy Hot Yoga
772 River Rd
Fair Haven, New Jersey

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                                              Easter Sunday:

              regular morning classes8:00 am silent, 10:00 am H26;

                                            no 4:00 pm class




Hot 26 (H26) 90 minutes.
Our core class; 26 postures and two breathing exercises, each repeated twice, designed to work every muscle, joint, ligament, tendon, gland, and organ in the body.
Students of all levels welcome.

Hot 26 Express (H26 Exp) 60 mins.

Expedited version of Hot 26; some poses not repeated twice; all levels welcome.

Power Vinyasa (PV) 60, 75 or 90 minutes.
A vigorous, flowing sequence of postures designed to promote upper and lower body
strength, balance,and flexibility. Flowing cardiovascular movements are connected by your breath. Students of all levels welcome.

Hot Ashtanga   90 minutes.

A form of Vinyasa with a specific sequence of postures utilizing dynamic breathing (ujjayi) along with strong, flowing movements to create internal heat to match the external heat of the room. Students of all levels welcome.

Kala Pravinya  (KP) 75 minutes

A unique, flowing vinyasa style that is designed to open the body and heart, calm the mind, and help one manifest desires. This is accomplished through a seamless combination of dynamic flowing sequences, deep stretching, and Yoga Nidra.

Silent "Hot Rock" (S) 80 minutes.
Hot 26 Class, with music and no talking. Students need to be familiar with sequence (at least 10 sessions) before taking this class

Warm (W) 60 Minutes.
A one hour Vinyasa class in a room that is not as hot as the standard hot yoga classes. A comfortable climate for stretching the body through flowing movement. Students of all levels welcome.




(door is locked promptly at class start;

          please arrive at least five to ten minutes before class) AMam



____ AM____


8:00 am PV (60-Dharma)

9:15 am  H26




5:30pm PV (60min)

7:00 pm  H26 exp (60 min)



6:30 am H26 exp (60 min)

8:30 am  PV (90 min)

10:30 am H26


6:00 pm H26 exp (60 min)

7:30 pm PV (75 min)


8:00 am Warm

9:15 am H26


6:30 pm   H26



8:15 am H26 exp (60 min)

9:30 am PV (75 min)


4:00 pm Teachers/Adv Students**

6:00 pm  PV (60 min)

7:45 pm  H26 exp (60 min)


8:00 am PV (60 min)

9:15 am  H26

  5:30 pm "Hot Rock"(Silent)

8:00 am  H26

10:00 am PV(75-Kala Pravinya)


4:00 pm Hot Ashtanga


8:00 am Silent

10:00 am H26


4:00 pm PV (75 min)

6:00 pm Full Moon Yoga,

(60 mins, once a month, NOT HOT;

see schedule below)

** please be sure you have at least a consistent year of practice; this class has no instruction; you should have knowledge of some advanced poses, and/or how to make adjustments/modifications for yourself.


                                                              Full Moon Yoga 2014 Dates
                                                                       Sunday, Jan. 19th

                                                                       Sunday, Feb 16th

                                                                       Sunday, Mar 16th

                                                                       Sunday, Apr 27th (new moon)

                                                                       Sunday, May 18th

                                                                       Sunday, June 15th


                                     Yoga for "Special Populations"

                                      (for special needs children)

                    Free 60 min. community class- the following Sundays at 12:30 pm:


                    Jan 5, 26, Feb 9, 23, Mar 9, 23, Apr 6, 27,  May 4, 18, June 1, 22,


                   (for more info contact Virginia Lennon: dlennon4@gmail.com




Special Introductory Offer- First three classes for $25!

(to be used within one month)

Intro Month Unlimited: $100

(purchased during introductory period)


Single Class $
10 class card* $
20 class card* $

Monthly Unlimited

3 Month Unlimited









Annual Unlimited** $


* Class cards at Synergy NEVER expire

                                        **bonus with annual membership:

                                      5 free guest passes, 10% off retail purchases


                             Private classes upon request: 60 mins,$125; 90 mins,$150